Victory in the Wilderness Museum is a printed matter project that weaves together photographs, artifacts, ephemera, and archival material to reflect on intersecting ideals, histories, and human dilemmas across the lands of the American West.

Conceived of as a kind of museum without walls, the printed works created by the museum will serve as documents of place and people, but also as conduits into conversations about the contingency of pictures and storytelling in the creation of the American West as an idea.

The museum’s projects will explore migration and settlement histories, resource extraction, climate change, commodity production, housing and development, and the psycho-geographies of the people that inhabit these vast lands. The idea of “Victory in the Wilderness” is proposed here as a question as much as a statement, a suggestion of failure as much as success.


The project is in its infancy and at the moment solely contains projects by Jason Reed with goals to expand to a plurality of voices and perspectives in the near future. 

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“The gap between myth and reality has now widened into a chasm.”

-Greg Grandin, The End of the Myth