The Place Where
Flags Wave, Volume 2

by Jason Reed
The Place Where Flags Wave is a serial publication that activates government pictures from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection official archives hosted on Flickr.

Volume 2 of the series looks at the border as an intersection of market demand, human suffering, and political posturing. Draconian policies of restriction create an environment where drugs are concealed in the hollows of truck tires or on desperate human bodies and women and children contort themselves to hide in car trunks—permissible victims in a duplicitous economic system.


The Border Patrol Flickr page contains more than 13,000 images taken by public affairs staff using professional camera equipment and field agents with cell phone cameras, ranging from staged events to candid moments, political gestures to prized intercepts. Scrutinizing these border patrol pictures will not in itself change the situation on the border. I believe looking critically, particularly within our current political context, opens space for one to grapple with their own position in relation to the web of events, places, and people articulated by the government’s camera.

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5.5x8.5 in. (Half Letter)
Full Color, 24 pages

Edited by Jason Reed
Typography by M. Wright
Published in 2020
Edition of 100

*All proceeds will be donated equally to RAICES and South Texas Human Rights Center