Atascosa Borderlands

by Jack Dash and Luke Swenson
Atascosa Borderlands is a transdisciplinary storytelling project by photographer Luke Swenson and naturalist Jack Dash. The project developed out of a comprehensive botanical flora of a 203,799 acre section of the Coronado National Forest in southern Arizona known as the Atascosa Highlands.

Since 2017, the project has worked with over 80 community members bridging social and political divides: ecologists, environmental conservationists, cattle ranchers, humanitarian aid workers, migrants, deer hunters, ex-border patrol agents, and indigenous community members. Atascosa Borderlands seeks to move beyond the politicized approaches found in mass media to showcase the profound, and often contradictory experiences of the Borderlands, bringing to the fore the voices of a broad spectrum of residents who can speak directly to the challenges these communities
are facing.

This project brings together hundreds of original film photographs, oral history interviews, botanical specimens, historical images, and found objects in the form of an interactive website; creating a living archive dedicated to this remote 42-mile section of the US-Mexico border.

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7x11 in. Rubber Band Binding, 20 pages, Contingent Sequence

Unfolds to become 11x14 in. Double-Sided Portable Exhibition

All color pictures by Luke Swenson; Historical photographs courtesy of Arizona Historical Society and Mary Noon Kasulaitis
Published in 2023
Edition of 100

*All proceeds will be donated to the Atascosa Borderlands ongoing documentary project